Fashion Shoot – The NEST Boutique Hostel

Today it’s all about fashion and a local shoot. When you spend as much time browsing photography sites online as I do, you’re always on the lookout in the local area for new and interesting venues in which to shoot. And they certainly don’t get any more interesting than The NEST Boutique Hostel in Salthill.

The NEST was designed by well known local craftsman Dan Gardner who has been involved in the kit out of lots of local businesses. This one is something special though I think. A quirky interior but still really welcoming. I knew we had to do something here and a fashion related shoot seemed like the best idea. So I called a few friends in different parts of the industry and got to work.

First up was our stylist Oscar or as he’s known online “Menemash” – a local fashion blogger and men’s stylist to get our look and liaise with local clothes shops for products. Oscar has a great eye for detail and style but is very relaxed and easy to work with. He also offer a personal shopper facility so hit him up if you want to update your wardrobe.

Next was the man for in the photos – Ali Constance – local model and general handsome man 🙂 Ali has been modelling for a while now and has worked with Oscar in the past on fashion shoots. He’s busy trying to juggle this with work and college but finds the time for it all.

And my usual first call when I come up with crazy ideas for photos – Nathan from Galway City Photographs for lighting assistance and set up. I’m sure a lot of you know Nathan from his popular photos of Galway city by night – you’ll definitely have seen them on at least one local Facebook page. He’s built a massive following online with his pictures with almost 11000 likes on his Facebook page. He’s always game for trying things out when it comes to photos so I knew it would be good to have him onboard.

The great thing about shooting in The NEST was that there was such a variety of colours, tones and design all within the one building. They also have some wonderful full wall murals that can be used for messing with perspective and varying the mood. This though brings its own challenges as the shifting colour tones from one part of the room to another meant strong colour casts and having to make big changes in lighting from one part of the building to the next. Thankfully with some good help from Nathan and a bit of persistence we were able to capture the shots we wanted and showcase both the clothing and the venue.

This gave us a chance to work with spaces that were both bright and open and ones that had more shadow and mood. We used the colours of the walls in the hostel to compliment what we were doing, bouncing off camera flash on them to lend a colour tone to some of the shots. We had a range of outfits, kindly supplied by some local shops such as Nine Crows, Martin Feeneys Menswear and Public Romance.

All in all we had a very successful evenings shoot and I’m looking forward to working with all the guys again in the future.  You can click on any of the links below to see more of the guys stuff as well as more from The NEST and our clothes suppliers. Or go a bit further and see the rest of my links or even get in touch 🙂

Oscar:  Instagram, Facebook

Ali: Instagram,

Nathan: Facebook, Instagram, Website

The NEST: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Clothes – Public Romance (Instagram) Nine Crows (Instagram, website) , Feeneys Formalwear (Facebook, Website)


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