Proposal Shoot – Alecs & Cristina


Proposal Shoot on Aran Islands

Proposal excitement and romance on the Cliffs

Will you marry me?

Imagine this. Atlantic ocean as your background, gentle breeze, sunny blue skies, green fields at the cliff with NO ONE else around. How romantic right? Very if it were you. Not so much if you were me, the photographer. Hey don’t get me wrong, it was absolutely perfect, except I had no where to hide for a surprise proposal shoot! I had planned to lurk behind busloads of tourists, and all manner of walls, rocks and people but when Alecs and Christina arrived at the fort in Dun Aengus it was just them and me.


Luckily my reliable side kick/wife had decided to come to the Aran islands to see the sights, so I was able to use her as a diversion when they arrived. But the fact of the matter is, it didn’t matter to Christina who was there or what they were doing.

It was a morning of obstacles, a lot of cycling and sneaky messages where there was mobile service. Then Alecs and Christina finally arrived at the fort. When Alec’s went down on one knee, their surrounding just froze. There was only joy, surprise, tears and love on Christina’s face. Capturing this was a very special moment, the pureness of their love for each other was next to none. I’m very honoured that I was able to capture that into a photo for them. Thank you Alecs for choosing me and sharing your once in a life time moment with us. Yvonne and I would like to wish you both all the love and happiness. It was so nice to get this wonderful review from Alex

I chose Jeff to do a photoshoot of a surprise proposal and I don’t think I could have made a better choice. He’s an amazing guy with a clear talent for photography and after I proposed to my girlfriend we spend some time to take more photos. We didn’t know much about how to pose and so on, but he was very patient and helped us through each photo. We were lucky that he took Yvonne with him (his wife) and she is as talented and nice as he is. It was great to spend some time with them and they made the whole session really comfortable. At the same time, they gave us some amazing photos and memories to remember.

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