Vintage Vibes – A Classic Shoot for the modern day

Vintage Vibes was an idea I knew I wanted to make happen. Sometimes you have a crazy idea. And sometimes, just sometimes that crazy idea just works!

Thats how it was with this. Myself, Oscar and Ali had previously worked together on another shoot at The NEST Boutique Hostel in Galway. We were very happy with the results but even more so we were very happy to see how well we all worked together. In fact we enjoyed the experience so much I couldn’t really call it work.

I knew that I wanted to do a wedding styled shoot. I also knew I wanted it to be different from anything else that was being done in Ireland at the moment, most especially the West of Ireland. I had spent a lot of time looking at upcoming trends online in other countries and it became clear very quickly what I’d like to do – Vintage.

So hard part done, all I needed now was a dress, a bride, some flowers, a stylist, some suits, a videographer, venues and a make up artist. How hard could all that be right…..

Yeah about that… turns out it was a lot more work than I realised. We started working through our list of contacts and made it happen. We had to get a lot of people on board with the idea to fill all those roles and then I had to make sure we didn’t let them down. Ali suggested bringing Gatis on board to help out on the day and as another model to fill a particular look. I’m so glad that we did. Gatis has this energy and enthusiasm thats hard to describe but I wish I could bottle it – it’d be liquid gold! Having him along made the day so much more enjoyable. He also had great input and came up with more than a few ideas on the day.

So two male models, now we needed our “bride”. Chatting with the guys they obviously had experience with working with a number of female models. Luck struck and they bumped into Linda who they had worked with in the past while on the bus to town. Both Ali and Oscar felt she would be a great fit and after my first short meeting with her I felt the same. Linda worked relentlessly on the day of the shoot and never complained once. She was on point every time I clicked the shutter, an absolute professional. Outside of myself, Linda was there for every minute of the day but still just kept on going.

Venues… this was an easy choice for me. I’d recently done some some work for Brigit’s Garden when they relaunched their cafe. Its a place I go to quite often as well so I knew it would make an amazing location for some photos. Luckily they were very accommodating and were happy to have us use the venue. Naturally I also have a soft spot for photos in Salthill most especially in The Circle of Life Memorial Park. Coupled with this, I know the interior of the Salthill Hotel quite well as I’ve been there so often for meetings, weddings etc I just knew that we could do some amazing interior shots there once the sun went down. Again they easily saw the value in having us shoot there so we had our locations wrapped up a lot quicker than I thought we would.


The next thing we started working on was a dress and flowers. This it turns out became a one for all thanks to the wonderful Dani from Art of Blooming. Dani is an amazing florist who works really hard at making wedding days that extra bit special for brides and she jumped at the chance to showcase her beautiful products. From chatting to Dani I managed to solve two other problems. She recommended talking to Michelle from Vintage Pearl Bridal for a dress. We had considered her already but I had no connection with her. It was a relief to be able to contact Michelle through a mutual connection and after some explaining of the concept she told me she had the perfect dress for the shoot. What she gave us was stunning and unique. I can honestly say we minded that dress like it was precious gold all day since Michelle was so good to help us out. Both her and Olga who works at the boutique were exceptionally helpful and supportive.

Dani also pointed out the blindingly obvious to me, I had mentioned how it would be good to have some female influence on the day as there were so many guys involved in the shoot. It was then she suggested I chat to Ruth aka The Beauty Kemple. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this myself. Ruth was the perfect candidate to help style and influence the day and take some behind the scenes photos. I’ve known Ruth for a long time and she’s got this great positivity and warmth that made us all comfortable on the day. She helped get a different take on some of the things we were doing and was an amazing support to Linda in many ways including her look and make up among other things and kept us on the Vintage theme.

Almost there… just some suits and a video. Ali, Oscar and Gatis all helped out with this one. They were able to get us some suits and accessories from two different businesses. Darragh and Conor from Suit Republic came through for us on very short notice to get our suits for the first half of the day. They were great, gave us some great vintage style clothes and all without having time to get the lads fitted! We knew we wanted to mix it up a bit for the second half of the day. Thankfully Eoghan from Born Menswear was able to sort us out and when we were changing location the boys swung by and picked up some great outfits. Again top quality stuff and they really looked after us. Couldn’t recommend either of them enough.

We were also lucky enough to get some wonderful vintage scarves and accessories from the lovely Niamh Daniels after Oscar contacted her. Niamh was great to have on board as she makes some really great items. She even joined us for a while during the shoot itself. Poor Niamh, I even roped her into holding my flash at one point! It was great to meet her.

Last thing we needed was some video from behind the scenes on the day. I’ve worked with Ken on some other projects. When he called me to tell me he’d got a new drone… well that was a done deal. We set a date, organised everything and everyone, hoped for a sunny day and I charged every battery I had.


We met at Linda’s house in Salthill in the morning at about 10AM and it was the start of a great but long day! We spent so much time in Brigits Garden, it was an amazing location. We could easily have spent the day there. But we knew we had some great stuff to do in Salthill that we didn’t want to miss out on.

We finished at 10 that night, tired but really happy with what we had achieved.  The best way to experience it for yourself is to watch our behind the scenes video. I’d need a whole other day to write about everything that happened that day and how the dream team performed so well together. You can see the full content from the day in two albums here and here.

This is just the first of many projects we’ll be doing. We still have a nighttime vintage shoot to do. Once we found our rhythm for the day and we all were working in sync we knew we had a great team together. So keep watching for our next great idea!

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Models: Linda, Ali, and Gatis  Dress by Vintage Pearl Bridal Stylists: Oscar Mash  and Ruth Kemple Flowers from Art of Blooming

Suits from Suit Republic and Born Menswear Scarves and accessories Niamh Daniels Locations Salthill Hotel and Brigits Garden

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