Wedding Day – Delphi Resort Hotel – Shauna & Gareth

For me this was a particularly special wedding as the couple are friends of both me and my wife. This meant that while I was looking forward to the day I definitely felt more pressure than ever to get it right! They had wanted to do something a little different with their day. The most important thing for them was that everyone who attended their wedding day enjoyed themselves.

Gareth and Shauna were of the mindset that it should be a relaxed day and one where nobody would stress. And I have to say they certainly achieved this. Delphi Resort is a spectacular location for a wedding. Right in the heart of Connemara its surrounded by mountains, green fields and rivers. We had some beautiful locations just a literal stones throw from the hotel entrance.

This meant that since they wanted to send as little time as possible taking styled shots we made it work. This meant more time just doing casual shots with their family and friends. We were able to get some beautiful traditional scenic wedding photos all done in a brief 45 minutes.  As well we got one or two special ones we wanted to get.

It also afforded me the opportunity to take some shots on a vintage film camera – an Olympus OM-1n. I normally reserve this for personal and family photos only. It was originally owned by my father-in-law. he bought it in the early 1970s and it still gives a beautiful quality of image with a very distinct feel.

This was probably the longest day I’ve put in for a wedding but it was worth it. When your friend asks you for just one more picture, can never say no!

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