Wedding at Brigits Garden – Angela & Steven

Outdoor weddings.. not something you get to do in Ireland very often. But when you do and the circumstances are right it can be a really great occasion.  I’m a big fan of Brigits Garden so when an email arrived with an enquiry for a wedding there I was very excited.

The details were even better. Angela was contacting me from America. Herself and her fiance were planning to travel to Ireland. This was to have a very small and intimate wedding in a unique setting. They wanted me to capture their special day. How could I say no to an opportunity like this, its totally my type of day.


It was a little unusual to only be communicating by email as I always like to meet couples beforehand. But in this scenario we just had to trust each other to work together. We arranged to meet the day before the wedding at the venue and run through some plans. I really had to admire their spirit. They arrived into Dublin on Saturday night late, we were meeting Sunday afternoon and the wedding was on Monday – not much breathing space if something went wrong!

As I’d mentioned before I’d recently done some some work for Brigit’s Garden when they relaunched their cafe and other events so it was great to be back there again for a wedding shoot. The uniqueness of this particular shoot also suited the location. This was the first time I had attended a service with an inter-faith minister. The ceremony was nothing like I had experienced before. I think it suited the personality of the couple perfectly. This was the other aspect of the day that was both interesting and challenging.

Every single wedding is different in some way and the flow of the day can change quite a bit. More and more couples are opting for a chance to stamp their personality on their day. But for Angela and Steven this was even more apparent than ever. The joy of working so many different types of weddings is that you learn a little something each time.

For this day what I learned was that its crucial that you embrace the personalities of the couple you’re working with. Angela and Steven wanted a day that reflected their identities and was true to who they were. They are very much free spirits who are truly comfortable in each others presence. Sometimes with couples it can be hard for them to forget that I’m around. This definitely wasn’t the case here.

They immediately just relaxed into enjoying their day when we set off for the styled part of their day. It was both refreshing and challenging. I’m so used to having to give direction that it was a whole different story to just have to roll with whatever the couple decided they were doing! But it was fun too seeing them have such a good time and made capturing their sense of enjoyment so much easier. If all weddings day were like this my job would be very easy!

Most excellent photography!!
The husband and i had trouble with our first photographer, which led us to searching for a new one last minute before our wedding date in Galway. Since we live in the states, we needed someone patient, very reliable, trustworthy, and great with communication. Jeff gave us all of that and more! I think it also helped that we knew what we wanted, but Jeff was easy and clear with his objectives and plans. He was a lot of fun, friendly, and made it easy for us to enjoy our photos being taken without feeling scrutinized or under pressure. Jeff is very personable and went above and beyond with his creativity. Not only that, he stuck to his word and completed our photos by the date that we previously agreed on.

P3B will provide you with art, not just pictures. They say more than 1000 words.


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