Have a Stress free wedding day


5 mistakes to avoid on your wedding day..


And have a stress free day!


1) Give people jobs & let them do them!

So many times we see brides trying to both be the bride and the organiser for the day. This simply leads to a stressful day for you. Lots of people will be happy to help out on your big day so long as you actually let them and trust them to do what you’ve asked. The trick here is to make sure that you give these roles to people you trust to be reliable in the first place, that way you won’t have to be chasing them up on the day to make sure it’s happening.

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2) Set a timeline with your photographer.

We always insist on a few meetings with our couples before the wedding day so that we all get to know each other. But this also gives us a chance to go through a solid timeline with you and see what the crucial parts of the day are to keep your day running smoothly. As a photographer we also usually double as an extra wedding co-ordinator on the day since we’re with you all the way through the day. This is another reason it’s good to meet beforehand, you need to be sure you like us enough to spend most of your wedding day with us! Since plans can sometimes change last minute on a wedding day this allows us to work with you and get all those photos you wanted!

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3) Tell people when you’re doing family photos.

Please we’re begging you to do this! But seriously, this follows on from the timeline discussion. There’s no point setting a timeline with your photographer if you don’t tell your family about it! Too often when we go to do family photos someone crucial to the family has disappeared for a while and it ends up delaying what should be the easiest photos of the day. Explain to them when and where you intend to do these so that someone hasn’t already headed to the reception venue if you want to take photos outside the church or ceremony location. We love doing group photos too if you want us to. And heres where all the points so far are important. The big group shot takes some organising! Make sure everyone knows you plan it, perhaps even an announcement at the end of the ceremony. Detail someone you trust to help make this happen and to cajole people into position so you can get that lasting memory of all the people who were there on your big day.

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4) Don’t worry if everyone else is having fun.

Seriously, you don’t need to do this! Chances are if you’ve invited people to your wedding they’re pretty happy to be there. They’re getting fed and have access to lots of drink, I think they’ll be grand! We see lots of couples try to spend time with every single person during the day when other things are going on – thats what the party and dancing is for! Hire a photographer you trust and like and they’ll help you with this by making sure you get photos with all the people who matter on your day. If you make a list with us of who it’s important to get a photo with we’ll make it happen. We’ll also whisk you away when that neighbour you had to invite to keep your parents happy won’t stop talking!

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5) Plan your entrance!

So there’s this thing hotels like to do…. when they’re bringing a newly married couple into the reception room. It’s lovely but it’s also a bit difficult for your photographer and videographer. The hotel assign a staff member to lead the couples in the bridal party as well as the bride and groom to their tables as they make their grand entrance. Sadly in lots of hotels they do this by making the staff member walk approximately 2 feet in front of the couples who apparently can’t find the only empty table at the top of the room on their own otherwise.. 😉

But all joking aside unless you’d like your photos to have Jason the part time hotel porter in them have a quick chat with your wedding planner before the entrance to ask them to make sure you have a bit of room to work with.

Want a stress free wedding day?

Bonus tip!)

Trust your vendors once you’ve made sure you’ve booked professionals. We want you to enjoy your day just as much as you want to. A happy couple makes for much better photos, videos etc We’ll all work together to make sure this happens, it’s a big day for us too!

Hope this helps!

Jeff & Yvonne.